Just outside Angkor Thom

Unlike many other popular temples, Thommanon only has one tower. There is some discussion about the exact date the temple was build, but most probably it was build during the same period the Angkor Wat temple was constructed, in the early 11th century. Thommanon is located just outside the Angkor Thom.

What to do and see at Thommanon?

Inscriptions at the site are preserved remarkably well. The temple itself, together with the sand stones surrounding it are in contrast with their surrounding which gives it an more impressive character.

The walls surrounding the temple site have completely vanished, but the entry gates are not. It is assumed that Thommanon was once connected with another nearby temple, Chau Say Thavoda. Together they were part of a huge interlinked complex with a central library in the middle. Unfortunately the only thing that remotely links them at this time, is their distinct architectural style. 


How to get to Thommanon?

Thommanon is located near Angkor Thom and some small tours have included this site in the tour. If you are planning to visit Angkor Thom by yourself or with a personal guide, it’s easy to find the Thommanon temple at the east side of Angkor Thom.

Combine your visit to Thommanon with a visit to Chau Say Tavoda. If you are planning your visit to Angkor Tom, it may be wise to start your tour at the east side and visit Thommanon before entering Angkor Thom.

How much will it cost?

Just like with all the temples and monuments in the Angkor Archaeological Park, you need a special Angkor Pass to access Thommanon. The pass requires a photo and you need to show the pass at every location you visit.

You can buy the pass at the Angkor Ticket Office and there are three different types of passes, depending on the number of days you need it. A one day pass will cost you $37, for a three day pass, you pay $62 and a seven day pass will cost you #72.

What you should do!

If you’re visiting Thommanon, you should definitely also visit the nearby Chau Say Tevoda to get a complete impression of the both sites history. If you want to visit AngkorThom it’s advisable to start with Thommanon and Chau Say Tevode, since Angkor Thom is huge and if you plan Thommanon at the end of your trip, you may run out time.

What you should not do!

Before you visit Thommanon or any other temples and monuments, make sure you know how to behave and what you should or shouldn’t do. Read these most important temple rules so you’ll arrive fully prepared.




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