28 KM from Siem Reap

The temple site of Ta Prohm is among the most popular temple sites in the Angkor Archaeological Park. Main reason for its popularity is that the temple is basically in its original state, which is very uncommon for Angkorian build temples. Ta Prohm is very popular among photo- and videographers for its mysterious surroundings and special incidence of the sun light 

What to do and see at Ta Prohm?

Ta Prohm was once a vibrant area. More than 80.000 people lived around the temple. The temple itself was home for more than 12.500 people, among them were more than 600 dancers and 18 high priests, which indicated the importance of this site at that time.

The temple was build in the 12th century, during the reign of king Jayavarman VII to honor his family.After the Khmer Empire had collapsed in the 15 century, the site was neglected for centuries and when large scale restorations began in the 21 century, it was decided to leave this temple site untouched.


How to get to Ta Prohm?

Basically the best two options you have for a visit to Ta Prohm are hiring a tuktuk driver who can act as a guide or join a tour. Whatever you choose, we highly recommend that you visit the temple with a guide. The historical value of Ta Prohm is fascinating and a guide can explain every detail you see and answer all kinds of questions.

How much will Ta Prohm cost?

To visit Ta Prohm, you must have a valid Angkor Pass. This pass grants you access to all monuments in the Angkor Archaeological Park and is valid for one, three or seven days. You can buy the Angkor Pass at the Angkor Pass Ticket Office and prices are $32 for a one day pass, $62 for a three day pass and $72 for a seven day pass.

What you should do!

Bring your camera and make beautiful photos and videos.  Ta Prohm is a very popular place, merely because of its beautiful natural surroundings. The fact that the temple is in its original state, gives your visit to this temple site something that no other site will give you.

What you should NOT do!

Help to preserve Ta Prohm as it was and still and don’t do anything that may have a negative impact on the site. Take a bag with you for any garbage you have and keep it with you until you reach your hotel. Don’t smoke and please mind your step, so you don’t break the tree branches. 



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