Preah Khan

18 km from Siem Reap

Preah Khan is a temple site just northwest of Angkor Thom and located in front of the Barray. The temple is nearby the famous Ta Prohm temple, which was used in some of the best scenes in Lara Croft Thomb Rader movie. The temple was build in the 12th century during the reign of king Jayavarman VII in honor of his late father.

The mysterious Preah Khan temple

Just like the temple at Ta Prohm, the Preah Khan temple has not been fully restored and lots of trees and jungle part are growing inside and around the temple site. This gives it mysterious look and feel and a perfect place for photo- and video shooting.

Between 1927 and 1939 the temple site was cleared from a large portion of voracious vegetation.

The outer wall of Preah Khan has a wide opening that provides access to another the Neak Pean. There are a lot of different monuments at this temple site, although a number of large free standing monuments have been removed for safekeeping.


How to get to Angkor Thom?

Preah Khan is located inside the Angkor Archaeological Park, just  northwest of Angkor Thom. The best way to visit the Preah Khan site is by joining a tour. The Preah Khan temple site is part of the Big Circle Tour. You may hire your own tuktuk driver and create your own route, but a tour will not only bring you to all the most important temples, but also adds a guide to the tour.

How much will it cost?

To visit Preah Khan you need an Angkor Pass. It allows you entrance to many temples and monuments in and outside the AAngkor Archaeological Park. You can buy an Angkor Pass for 1 day ($37), three days ($62) or 7 days ($72).  You can buy the Angkor Pass At the Angkor Pass Ticket Counters and need to bring a photo.

What you SHOULD do!

Definitly visit this temple and the nearby Neak Poun, also know ass the Barray. It’s a fascinating site and ideal to make beautiful photos.  Angkor Thom is located nearby so if you only have one day to visit the temples, This location is a great site to complete your day.

What you should NOT do!

Strict rules apply in the Archaeological Park when it comes to the way you are dressed. Tank tops for men and halter-neck tops for ladies are not allowed.  Littering, flying drones, urinating or other indecent behavior will definitely get you in trouble.




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