10 km From the center of Siem Reap

Phnom Krom is a 140 meters high hill just about 10 kilometers from Siem Reap. A visit to Phnom Krom is not only worth your time because of the temple but also because of the fantastic view on the Tongle Sap Lake. Most parts of the year locals like to visit nearby establishments for eating, drinking and fishing. It’s a great way to spend your day and we recommend that you combine your visit to Phnom Krom with a fishing experience at one of the local vendors on the route to Phnom Krom or the nearby Phnom Krom Eco Resort (sounds more expensive then it is)

About Phnom Krom

Phnom Krom is rocky hill with a pagoda and a temple at the top of the hill. The temple was build in the end of the 9th century and oriented towards the east.

To temple consists of three towers, each dedicated to a different Hindu god. The south tower is dedicated to Brahma, the north tower to Vishnu and the center tower, which is slightly higher, to Shiva.

The temple is not the only specialty at Phnom Krom mountain. The view on the Cambodian landscape is just as fascinating.


How to get there?

If you’re lucky your accommodation has a good connection with a tuktuk driver. If not, you can try and find a tuktuk driver who can offer you a round trip for as much as $10. Booking a PassApp is also an option, but keep in mind normally PassApp can only be booked for one way trips. If you offer him the same $10 he’ll probably agree to wait for you and bring you back. Renting a bicycle or electric bike is of course always an option. There is security at the the entrance of the temple.

How much will it cost?

Although the site is not located within the Angkor Archaeological Park, access is only permitted with the Angkor Pass. Before arriving at the entrance you need to walk up the stars and halfway through show your Angkor Pass.

When we visited Phnom Krom spontaneously (in the company of a local family) we were allowed to pay a small additional fee of $5 to access Phnom Krom.

What you should do!

When you visit the Phnom Krom temple don’t forget to walk a little further and enjoy the great view on the Tongle Sap Lake and typical Cambodian landscape.

If you want to rest and enjoy the view, there is a perfect place on the way down. When leaving the site you will see a small road going left, instead of right (ask of keep an eye on where the locals go). The road leads to a bigger strip where you can lay down, drink beer, eat food and spend some quality time.

What you should not do!

Don’t visit this site at the hottest time of day (between 11 am and 15:00 pm. The best time to go is before 11 or after 15:00. If you want to spend a full day your best plan is to visit the temple in the morning and take lunch at one of the many restaurants that are located along the road to Phnom Krom. 

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