Neak Pean

Inside Angkor Thom

Neak Pean (or Neak Poun) is a circled artificial island in the center of the Jayatataka Baray with a Buddhist temple. The island and its temple are associated with the Preah Khan temple just a bit west of the Barray and build during the reign of king Jayavarman VII

History of Neak Pean

A number of historians believe the lake surrounded the temple island, was build for the purpuose of healing illnesses. The name of the island comes from the sculptures of thesnakes that surround the island.

Originally, four sculptures stood on the floor of the lake. The only remaining statue is that of the horse Balaha. The temple on the lake was originally dedicated to Avalokitesvara. Willetts believed that “this is Jayavarman as he would have wished to have appeared to his people


How to get to Neak Pean?

Neak Pean is located behind the Preah Khan temple, which isdefinitly a temple site you want to visit. There are some tours that take yu to the Preah Khan temple and that gives you enough opportunity to have a look at Neak Pean. You can also visit the site by hiring a tuktuk. Make sure driver speaks English, so he can also act as your personal guide.

How much will it cost?

To visit Neak Pean you need an Angkor Pass. It allows you entrance to many temples and monuments in and outside the Angkor Archaeological Park. You can buy an Angkor Pass for 1 day ($37), three days ($62) or 7 days ($72).  You can buy the Angkor Pass At the Angkor Pass Ticket Counters and need to bring a photo.

What you SHOULD do!

If you are visiting Preah Khan, you should make time to visit the Barray and Neak Pean. You can go on the island, but it’s a beautiful site with a lot of historical value.

What you should NOT do!

Strict rules apply in the Archeological Park when it comes to the way you are dressed. Tank tops for men and halter-neck tops for ladies are not allowed.  Littering, flying drones, urinating or other indecent behavior will definitly get you in trouble.

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