14 KM from Siem Reap

The Bat Chum temple is a three column temple build in the 10th century. The temple was buildig by Kavindrarimathana, an architect and Buddhist minister under King Rajendravarman. He was also responsible for building the nearby located Srah Srang and possible deigned the temples at Pre Rup. This temple is currently (Jan 2020) being renovated.

What to do and see at Bat Chum?

It is recommended to combine  this site with a visit to the more impressive Banteay Kdei temple and the nearby man-made water reservoir, better know as the Royal Bathing Pool. 

The best part of your visit to this temple is the fact that you may find yourself all alone at this site. Not many people take the time to stop at this temple. This site is a great spot for taking photos or shoot some videos of the surroundings that are typical for the Angkor Archaeological Park.


How to get to Bat Chum?

There are no special tours that take you to Bat Chum. Your best option to visit this temple, is to hire a bicycle or a tuktuk. As mentioned, we strongly recommend you to combine your visit to Bat Chum with a visit to Banteay Kdei and Srah Srang. A tuktuk will cost you around 15-20 dollar. You can hire a bicycle for $4 or an electric bike for $ or to $10.

How much will Bat Chum cost?

Although there is no one to check your Angkor Pass, you do need it to visit Bat Chum. The temple is located in the Angkor Archaeological Park and you can only access the park with a valid Angkor Pass. You can by a single day Angkor Pass for $37, a three day pass for $62 and a 7 day pass for $72 at the official Angkor Ticket Office.

What you should do!

If you want to make your trip to Bat Chum special, visit this small temple during the early morning or in the late afternoon. The sunset and sunrise are just as impressive from Bat Chum as from nearby Srah Srang or Banteay Kdei.

What you should not do!

Don’t rush things and take your time to visit three locations at the same time. Visiting Banteay Kdei, Srah Srang and Bat Chum together is a very pleasant trip and gives you great impressions of the surroundings. However, it does require a steep walk from one location to the other.




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