Inside Angkor Thom

The Suor Prasat Towers are 12 towers that are positioned on the road from the Royal Palace to the Victory Gate. The way the towers are constructed, oriented from North to South, instead of the typical East to West orientation, suggests that the towers were not build as sanctuaries.

Unknown functions of the towers

The exact functions of the 12 Prasat Suor Prat towers is unclear. There are different ideas and the most realistic idea is that the towers were build to receive and accommodate special guests of the king , most probably during games and parades. 

A Chinese diplomat, Zhou Daguan, described the idea that the towers might haven been used by the local Angkorians to solve disputes. The third and most unlikely suggestion is that the towers were used as pillars for ropes that were used by acrobats during different events and games. 


Where are the towers located?

The 12 towers are divided in to two groups of six towers, located on each side of the road that leads from the Terrace of the Leper King and the Terrace of the Elephants to the Victory Gate. When visiting Angkor Thom and walking towards one of the huge terraces, you won’t be able to miss these 12 towers.

Angkor Entrance Pass

Just like all monuments inside Angkor Thom, you need an Angkor Pass to enter the site. You can buy the pass at the offical Angkor Ticket Office, which is located on the road to Angkor Wat. A one day pass will cost you $37, a pass for 3 days will cost $62 and a 7-days pass costs $72.

What you should do!

Take out your lunch if you’re walking. The place or the walk past the towers is ideal for a quick lunch. If youare part of a tour your next stop will most likely also be a stop to have lunch, since both terraces offer a nice view to the whole area.

What you should not do!

Spend to much time on visiting the towers. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. There are not many special incriptions on the wall and most of the towers can not be entered. 




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