Inside Angkor Thom

Construction of Phimeanakas started during the reign of king Rajendravarman in the 10th century and was later completed by king Suryavarman I. It’s a three layer pyramid temple and had a tower and 3 galleries at the to. The temple is reasonable shape, but the towers and galleries have not been preserved.

What to know about Phimeanakas?

During the reign of king Suryavarman I, Phimeanakas was the main temple. It was surrounded by a 600 meter wall and included the South and North Khleangh towers.

According to a legend, the tower on top of the Phimeanakas temple was used by the king to have daily meetings with a nāga. Every meeting took place during the first watch of the night. If the nāga wouldn’t show up at the meeting, the king knew his days as king were numbered. Phineakas is part of the Royal Palace area. The palace itself was made out of wood and therefore completely vanished.


How to get to Angkor Thom?

Phimeanakas is part of many small and larger tours through Angkor Thom. It’s located nearby the Baphuon temple and behind the Terrace of the Elephant.

If you’re not planning to join on of the many tours, it’s advisable to hire a tuktuk driver who can act as your guide.

How much will it cost?

To visit Angkor Thom you need an Angkor Pass. It allows you entrance to many temples and monuments in and outside the Angkor Archaeological Park. You can buy an Angkor Pass for 1 day ($37), three days ($62) or 7 days ($72).  You can buy the Angkor Pass At the Angkor Pass Ticket Counters and need to bring a photo.

What you should do!

Visit Phimeanakas! It’s a nice location and the temple is well preserved. It’s also a great spot to make photos or shoot fascinating videos. It’s near the Baphuon Temple, so it’s not too far out of your way.

What you should not do!

Strict rules apply in the Archaeological Park when it comes to the way you are dressed. Tank tops for men and halter-neck tops for ladies are not allowed.  Littering, flying drones, urinating or other indecent behavior will definitely get you in trouble. 

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