Inside Angkor Thom

North Khleang is one out of two towers located inside Angkor Thom, behind the towers of Prasat Suor. The other tower can be found at the sout side of Angkor Thom. Special about both towers is that we actually don’t know their purpuose. We do know that they were not build at the same time. The North Khleang was build during the reign of king Jayaviravarman I, somewhere at the beginning of the 11th century.

What to do and see at North Khleang?

Khleang means ‘store room’ but it is believed that the both North and South Khleang were not used as a store room. Looking at their positioning, it is more likely they were used as reception room for important visitors like priests and embassadors.

Both sites are not very big and from a distance can easily be overlooked. However,a closer look at the North Khleang will show the building in prefect condition. Under king Jayaviravarman II the North Khleang tower was first build from wood and later, under king Suryavarman I  constructed from stone.


How to get to North Khleang?

A visit to the North Khleang will not take you much time and the best way to visit this site is to combine it with a visit to the Terrace of the Elephants or Prasat Suor.

The site is part of many tours through Angkor Thom, so if you are joining a tour, you will probably have a chance to visit both Khleang sites.

How much will it cost?

To visit Angkor Thom you need an Angkor Pass. It allows you entrance to many temples and monuments in and outside the Angkor Archaeological Park.

You can buy an Angkor Pass for 1 day ($37), three days ($62) or 7 days ($72).  You can buy the Angkor Pass At the Angkor Pass Ticket Counters and need to bring a photo.

What you should do!

North Khleang is a very nice location for photography and shooting videos. Bring your camera, especially when you are planning to visit the site during the afternoon. 

What you should not do!

Strict rules apply in the Archeological Park when it comes to the way you are dressed. Tank tops for men and halter-neck tops for ladies are not allowed.  Littering, flying drones, urinating or other indecent behavior will definitly get you in trouble. 




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