Ak Yum Temple

12 km from Siem Reap

The Ak Yum temple was build in the early 8th century and most probably the oldest ‘temple mountain’ in South-East Asia. There is not much left of the temple itself after it was partially burried when the Barray Reservoir was build. A visit to this site can best be combined with a visit to the Barray lake.

What to do and see at Ak Yum?

There is not really much to see at the Ak Yum temple and you need a lot of imagination to visualize what has been there decades ago. Some of the stones at Ak Yum have inscription that go back as far as 674 AD and some  outer walls are visible, but not intact.

After the first completion, Ak Yum was just a one chamber complex, but during the 10th century it was remade into a larger pyramide temple. At that time the temple and its grounds covered more than 100 square meters.


How to get to Ak Yum?

This temple side can best be reached by tuktuk or motorbike. If you hire a tuktuk, the driver can take you to the Barray Lake and you need to walk to the site. If you travel by motorbike, you can drive all the way to the temple, via a sand road.

How much will it cost?

Access to Ak Yum is free of charge. The site is not visited by many and other than the food stalls at the Barray lake, there are no restaurants or food stalls nearby. A visit will take you no more than 15 tot 30 minutes after which you can enjoy the view at the Barray lake.

What you should do!

You should ask yourself if this site is really something you want to spend your valuable time on. There is not much to see and nothing to do. Especially when you are travelling with young children, this is probably the last temple site you want to visit. 

What you should not do!

It’s very tempting to throw your garbage in the lake or the bushes around the temple. However this site is not maintained and garbage is not collected in this area. Keep empty bottles and bags with you until you see a bin or take them with you.

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