Better known as Pleu HokSap

In Khmer, HokSap means ‘sixty’and therefor the market at road 60, is often referred to as Pleu HokSap (road 60). It’s one of the most popular local places among the locals of Siem Reap to shop, eat and drink as cheap as possible. 

What to expect at the Road 60 Market

The unique thing about this specific market is that it is split by a busy road. People who visit the market may walk, but many locals just drive by the many stalls and get of their motor bike when they see something interesting.

The most common items that are being sold at the market are clothes, fresh fruit and toiletries. Behind the stalls the’re a number of small food stalls to enjoy a local meal. You won’t find many tourists here and if you’re looking to buy cheap clothes, shoes or shirts, this is the place to.


How to get to Road 60

Road 60 is just outside Siem Reap and the best way to go there is by using the PassApp or Grab hailing service. The Angkor Pass Ticket office is located at the same area. A tuktuk driver will probably charge you around 5 USD to get here, while a hailing service will cost around 2 USD.  It’s also possible to visit Road 60 by bicycle, but walking to this market is too far.

How much will it cost?

The market is free of charge and as mentioned before, it’s the cheapest place in town to buy clothes. You can save yourself a lot of money buying some shirts or shorts in the Road 60 market. There are some tours that take you to this market, but honestly: visiting it on your own, is cheaper and more fun!

What you should do!

At least visit the market one time during your stay in Siem Reap. It’s a great place to wonder around and not only are the clothes very cheap, the food at the food stables is quit good. 

What you should not do!

If you travel by bicycle, you should take it with you or ask a stall owner to watch it at a fee. There is no secure place to stall your bicycle. If you want to have a full Road 60 experience, you should definitely drink some palm wine.  Road 60 is not only famous because of the market, but also for drinking this very tasty natural alcoholic drink.



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