You can't miss it!

Walking along the shore of the Siem Reap River is a very pleasant experience. The riverside is not only a relaxing place for tourist to take a rest, but also a popular place among the locals ro drink a beer, excersize or just sit and talk together. The river starts in the Tongle Sap Lake, which is mostly know for the number of floating villages that are visited by hondreds of toursist a day. 

Nice places along the riverside

If you’re finished drinking in Pub Street and are looking for some cheap street food, the riverside is the place to be.  You can find street vendors at any time of night. Most of them close shop around 3 of 4 in the morning. The food is great and very cheap, just like the beer. 

During the day the best place to enjoy the riverside is to start yur walk nearby Pub Street and head over to the Royal Gardens. Along the way you will find some nice animal sculptures and that’s one the best places to tak some nice photos.


What you should do!

Take the time to walk along the riverside. It gives you a great impression of daily life in Siem Reap and offers you opportunity to eat some cheap street food. If you’re planning to sit down in the afternoon, make sure you have some mosquito creme at hand.

What you should NOT do!

The part of the riverside that streams between the Royal Gardens and the Pub Street area is very safe. The riverside that streams in the directions of the Tongle Sap lake is often used by local youth and although the chance the will give you any problem is very small, it’s best to avoid the shores of the river in any other part than that between Pub Street and the Royal Gardens.



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