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Experience Local Life in Siem Reap

Cambodians are among the most easy going people in Asia. They are friendly, calm and like to mind their own business. They’re also very open minded and always eager to experience new adventures. Exploring the hot spots in Siem Reap and meeting the locals adds a whole new level of enjoyment to your visit. If you have the chance to hang out with some of the locals at some popular hot spots in Siem Reap, be sure to accept it with both hands!

Cambodian Beer Etiquette

Cambodians love to drink beer, especially the localy brewed beers like Angkor Beer, Ganzberg and Cambodia Beer. Drinking beer in a Camboidan requires you to make some adjustments to the way you’re used to drink beer. Read all about it here….

From A to B with PassApp

Almost every Cambodian has a motorbike and if they don’t, they will borrow one from a friends motorbike or ask that friend to drop them off somewhere.If those options are not available, they will use the Cambodian haling service PassApp.

Always Check Your US bills

Nine out ten tourists will experience at one point during their visit that their US dollar bill is not accepted.

You’ll be surprised of course, but there is a very good reason why only perfect bills are accepted. Don’t get your bills rejected and read these ‘5 Reasons Why Your US Dollar Bill WILL Be Rejected‘. 

Want To Rent A Motorbike

That’s great! If you have a Cambodian drivers licence, because renting motorbikes isn’t illegal, but driving a motorbike over 150cc IS illegal and may get you in serious trouble.

Trouble with the police or, in worse case scenario, with your insurance company. Read here what needs to be known.

Along the Riverside

Hok Sap

Phnom Krom Eco 

Mount Kulen

The Royal Gardens

West Barray Lake

The Old Market

Road 60 Market

Phsar Leu Market

Mr Hings’ Shop

Khmer Pub Street



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