Angor Wat is just one good reason to visit Siem Reap. Another reason why backpackers and party peeps from all over the world visit Siem Reap, is because it’s one of the BEST place in Cambodia to party. If you’re looking for an accommodation where you can party all night AND still have a good night sleep, you should definitely book a bed or room in one these 4 best party hostels in Siem Reap.

Best option for….

All these party hostels are located nearby or inside the Pub Street area. If you’re visiting Siem Reap during high-season or during one of the three New Year celebrations, you better book in advance.

1. Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey Hostel

Best Party Hostel for Events & Activities

The Mad Monkey Hostel is hidden in an alley at 600 meters walking distance from Pub Street, so you better ask a tuktuk driver to take you there, or you’ll be walking in circles. The Mad Monkey Hostel is an international operating backpackers hostel with accommodations in Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

The Mad Monkey has a roof top bar, a swimming pool and all kind of entertainment to make sure you’ll get the best party experience. Be ready for free shots, table dancing, netball in the pool and special night music events.

The music stops at 12 pm when those who need to get up early can get a good night rest and those who want to party, head over to Pub Street for a full night of dancing, singing and drinking. Out of all 4 party hostels, The Mad Monkey Hostel is maybe not your cheapest choice, but it’s definitely worth every dollar!

Check current prices and availability 

Dorm bed
High season: $8,00
Low season: $5,50
Double room
High season: $26,00
Low season: $28,00

2. Pub Hostel Siem Reap

Pub Hostel Siem Reap

Best choice for tight-budget travelers

The Pub Hostel in Siem Reap is located at 500 meters walking distance from Pub Street and almost next to the Siem Reap Night Market. The Pub Hostel doesn’t organizes many events but can help you arrange any kind of trip or tour. There’s a swimming pool, pool table, drinks are cheap and the food is excellent (and cheap too!)

If you want to sleep and party on a tight budget, this is the place you want to stay at during your visit to Siem Reap. The hostel has a number of dorm and different kind of rooms in various price ranges.Out of all party hostels in Siem Reap, the Pub Street Hostel is definitely your cheapest choice.

Check current prices and availability 

Dorm bed
High season: $3,00 (dorm)
Low season: $3,00 (dorm)
Double room
High season: $15,00
Low season: $13,00

3. Funky Flashpacker Hostel

Funky Flaskpack Hostel Siem Reap

Best all-included party hostel

You want it? They have it! The Funky Flashpacker Hostel offers everything you can possible imagine.  Full night entertainment, a spacious swimming pool, clean beds and food and drinks at an affordable price. The hostel is located 700 at a 700 meters walk from Pub Street and 300 meters walk from the Siem Reap Night Market.

The hostel has 2 roof top bars where you can enjoy a huge number of cocktails or get an affordable meal. The hostel organizes different kinds of parties throughout the year and is open 24 hours a day. Rooms and dorm beds are cheaper during high season than during the low season.

The hostel is located in one of the more popular areas in Siem Reap with a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes in less than a minute walking distance.

Check current prices and availability 

High season: $4,00 (dorm)
Low season: $7,00 (dorm)
High season: $26,00 (double room)
Low season: $20,00 (double room)

4. One Stop Hostel

One Stop Hostel

Best choice for digital nomads

The One Stop Hostel is our inside tip for people who want to have a balance work-party-sight seeing experience. The One Stop Hostel is located just 100 meters from Pub Street and is ideal for backpackers who need to do some work during the day time, party at night and need their rest.

If you’re definitely in for a party, but also need to to work or have a good night sleep so you’ll be in perfect shape for one of the many Angkor Wat tours, the One Stop Hostel is your place. Beside the clean and comfortable beds, you can use the different work places in the hostel.

People who stay in the hostel are, just like you: love to party, but need to do more than just drink sleep and dance! You can dance and drink at all Party Hostels, but if you also need to do some work, the One Stop Hostel should be your choice.

Check current prices and availability 

Dorm bed
High season: $6,00
Low season: $6,00
Double room
High season: $20,00
Low season: $20,00

Tours, Activities & Workshops

Most party peeps and backpackers stay between 2 and 5 days in Siem Reap so it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to the activities, workshops and tours you choose. There are both locals and foreigners working at these hostels who are more than willing to share inside information and practical tips when it comes to tours and activities.

Many tours, workshops and activities can be booked via the hostel of your choice. Keep an eye on the message board to see if you can share tuktuks or join a tour with other people from the part hostel of your choice.

If you want to book your tour in advance, we recommend GetYourGuide for your online booking for any tour, workshop or special activity. Enjoy Your Stay!

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