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Temple Tours

Visiting the Angkor Temples by joining one of the many tours is highly recommended. Tours have official guides who can tell you everything related to the Angkor Wat temples.

Keep in mind that all temple tours don’t include the Angkor Pass. You have to get your Angkor Pass a day before your tour starts.

Workshops & Activities

Besides visiting the temples there are many activities and workshops in and around Siem Reap that are definitly worth your time.

They don’t cost much, give you a better understanding of the Khmer culture and are a fun way to spend time with friends,family and the locals. .

Tour bookings

Basically there are three way’s to book your tour: online, via your guesthouse, hotel or hostel or with one of the many agencies in Siem Reap. 

The easiest way is to book online with You pay a fixed price and know exactly what you may and may notexpect. 

Workshops & Activities

One of the best tours to visit the temples of Angkor Wat is the Angkor Wat Full Day Sunrise Tours. There are maximum 10 people in the group and a pickup is included

A qualified tour guide will bring you to all important locations in and around Angkor Wat.  Price: $26 | Read the reviews 


Temple Tours are definitly the best way to visit the Angkor Wat temples. The guides will not only share their knowdlegde about Angjkor Wat with you, but can also tell you everything you want to know about local life in Cambodia. 


If you don’t want to book a tour with all your friends, you may want to consider a private tour. Just like the normal tours, these tours include a officla guide and a pickup from your accommodation. 


Looking for away to make your vsiit to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap unforgettable, then there are a number of very special tours available.


If you are on a small budget you may want to consider visiting Angkor Wat or some of the other tourist attractions on your own. We recommend to use the PassApp service or Grab to get to Angkor Wat and travel back to Siem Reap by tuktuk. A PassApp to Angkor Wat will cost around $3 and a tuktuk may cost you around $7.

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Workshops & Tours

With the exception of the  Local Life Expereince Tour,  all other tours, workshops and activities on can be booked via third parties like