Making photos, videos and websites is our passion and is our very own platform where we combine our passion with relevant and inside information about one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cambodia

Just like many visitors to this beautiful country, I was impressed by the kindness and generosity of the Cambodian people. I wasn’t planning to stay here for a long time, but hey….

Meeting wonderful people, being invited into their homes and experiencing local life to the full extend. I got impressed by the way many locals manage to get by on a very small amount of money. And they are still able to make the best of their days.

Wanted to do more….

I know that I’m unable to change the whole world, a whole community or even change a single person. Unable, because sustainable change always comes from within. In my experience sharing knowledge, skills and experiences to those who are eager to accept it, can add much more value to someones life than a bucket full of money. is my opportunity to share skills, knowledge and experience with people who accept it and will use it to improve their own livelihoods and the livelihoods of others.

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